Melt and Pour Soap

When the cat’s away….


I am sure you all know the saying: When the cat’s away the mice will play! We found this cheese and mice soap fitting the saying so well. This soap is made of clear and LCP clear soap base. It has the scent Lemon Verbana. It’s afun soap for the little kids and is easy to make.

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Orange Love: Guest Soaps With Real Orange


A nice and fresh guest soap with real orange in it! We used Aloë Vera soap base. A nice nurtering soap that looks so nice and smells so good!
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Winter Energy Boost


Could you use a little energy boost in these cold winter months? Well then this blog is really for you! This loofah soap had a fresh Energy scent and the soap we used contains Aloë Vera. A great smell and good for your skin too! Have fun!

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Love Cupcakes with Foaming Bath Butter


These beautiful white cupcakes are excellent for wedding favors. These cupcakes are made of MP soap with foaming bath butter. The frosting is not too soft. It’s not rock hard but this is a perfect hardness we believe. Because we made these cupcakes of LCP white soap base these cupcakes do not sweat that fast. When you will use this cupcake soaps you will experience a lot of foam that is so soft. And we used an excellent party scent: Champagne!

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100% Natural Love


These beautiful soap hearts are a 100 procent natural! We love that! For colouring we used Brazlian Clay. For the scent we used Essential Oil. To give the soap a little extra we used natural seeds for a scrubby effect. We also used a colorfull lace and some beats to spice things up. Now every natural lover will love this soap hearts for sure!

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Bring the Sun into your Bathroom


It’s Summer! Well it should be… Overhere in the Netherlands it’s no summer at all! So we thought we made some Sunshine ourselves with this shea butter soap on a rope soap with real calendula petals. Shea Butter soap has the most soft creamy lather. The Calendula works softening for your skin and is calming after sun burn. So you see: this is your perfect summer soap!

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Animal Party in the bath tub!


Don’t you love these puff spnoges? When we saw them at our Wholesale store we had to buy them! These happy colors and the sweet faces, totaly adorbs! This soap and sponge project is so fun to make together with your kids. Let them choose the color and fragrance so it’s totally their soap. That will give a lot of fun in the bathroom from now on!

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Oatmeal, Milk & Honey – With real Oatmeal!


Difficulty: beginner
Technique: MP soap & bubble wrap
Time: about half an hour

In today’s SoapBlog we are making a lovely soap. It smells so great. This scent is one of my absolute favorites! Besides the lovely scent this soap has also extra nursing ingredients like honey and real oatmeal. The oatmeal gives a soft scrub effect. As I said earlier: a great soap!

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From now on silk and soothing!


Difficulty: beginner
Technique: making swirls in shaving soap
Time: about 10 minutes

Do you know the problem: wounds, rashes, itching after shaving? With this soothing, selfmade shaving soap especially for women that’s all history! After our SoapBlog about the shaving soap for men we got a lot of questions about a shaving soap for women too. Well ofcourse, here is your solution! if you are going to use this shaving soap you never want anything else anymore, I promiss. And hey I should know!

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Last Minute Valentine Gift: Shaving Soap!


Difficulty: beginner
Technique: making shaving soap
Time: about 10 minutes

It’s not always easy to find a great gift for men. But… we have the solution: shaving soap! Introduce the old fashioned way of shaving with a brush and your home made extranurturing shaving soap! We bet he never want to shave a different way. That’s true love… And you knwo what? You can make this project in less then 10 minutes!!

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