The ultimate feet care – part 1

Do you know that tired feeling in your feet after a long day shopping or walking? You want to take a foot bath immediately! We made the perfect solution for your tired feet: de most delicious smelling lavender bath fizzies and very rich shea butter cream. This blog we will be posting in two parts. In part one we will explain how to make the lavender bath fizzies.

What do you need?

For about 9 sea star lavender bath fizzies:

Let’s get started!

For making bath fizzies or bombs you always need these three ingredients:

  • Citric Acid
  • Baking Soa
  • Witch Hazel

The first two ingredients you always use in the same ratio. You always use 1 part of the citric acid and 2 parts of the baking soda. The witch hazel depends on where uyou live and how humidity in your country. You use witch hazel as a combiner for your bath fizzies. The drier the air the more witch hazel you need.

For the lavender bath fizzies we used 50 gram citric acid en 100 gram baking soda. This two ingredients must be put in a big bowl en must be stirred very well. This is very important for the final product. Stiir and stirr, you may use your hands or a mixer if you want.  images 1-3]

iamge 1

image 2

image 3

When it all well mixed you add a littlebit of the mica pigment. Stirr this through your mixture very well too. This is untill now the best coloring methode for us. But we will keep on testing! [image 4]

image 4

Add a few drops of the fragrance oil to your mixture and stirr again. Don’t use to much fragrance oil. In bath fizzies the smell is much higher then when used in soap.

Spray some witch hazel while stirring. Use one spray at the time untill your mixture stays solid when you squeeze in it. [image 5]

image 5

Put your mixture in your mold. Push very tight.  [image 6]

image 6

After a few minutes you turn the mold upside down and let the bath fizzies come out of the mold. Gently tap on the back of the mold if they don’t want to fall out immediately. Let them rest on a flat surface for 24-48 hours.  [image 7]

foto 7

After curing you can wrap them in cello bags or organza bags

But… you can also use them! Wanna know what happens??

We threw one in a bowl with warm water see how it fizz!!

With such a relaxing footbath you need a nice, rich cream. Tomorrow, in part 2 we will show you how to make a very rich cream in an easy way.

A lot of fizz fun!


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